Cookie Consent Check for GDPR

Build user trust and transparency by providing clear information on cookie usage, purpose, and data collection through our Consent Check. We integrate the appropriate cookie banner.

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Cookie Consent Management

Ensure your cookie banner is correctly configured to block scripts until user acceptance. Achieve GDPR compliance by verifying that scripts are withheld until users provide explicit consent. Safeguard user privacy and enhance transparency with our reliable script loading validation. Streamline your website’s compliance process and build trust with visitors by prioritizing script execution based on their consent.

Script Loading Check

Ensure script compliance with our comprehensive Script Loading Check. Verify if scripts loaded on your website needs to be included within the cookie banner, providing transparency and adherence to privacy regulations. Streamline your website’s script management for enhanced data privacy and compliance.

Cookie Category Check

Effortlessly categorize cookies with our Cookie Category Check service. Gain insights into cookie types, streamline compliance, and enhance user transparency. Simplify the process of managing and obtaining user consent with our intuitive solution.

Do you want to know if your website cookies are compliant with the GDPR?

Discover if your website is compliant with GDPR regulations. Simply provide your email and website domain, and our GDPR Compliance Check will assess your cookie consent practices. Ensure transparency, user control, and adherence to privacy regulations with our comprehensive evaluation. Stay ahead of compliance requirements and build trust with your visitors.

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More Information

Cookie Consent Management

Provide users with an easy-to-access cookie consent management tool. This tool should allow users to review their consent preferences, change them if desired, and withdraw consent for specific cookies or cookie categories.

Comprehensive Cookie Policy

Detailed Cookie Policy that outlines your website’s use of cookies. Include information on the types of cookies used, their purpose, data retention periods, and any third-party involvement. Link to this policy within the cookie consent banner.

Obtain explicit consent

Get clear and specific consent from users before placing non-essential cookies on their devices. Users should actively agree to the use of cookies and understand their purpose.

Enable opt-out

Offer a straightforward opt-out mechanism that allows users to withdraw their consent for cookies. Ensure that users have a simple and accessible way to change their preferences or disable cookies altogether, in accordance with their privacy preferences.

Separate non-essential cookies

Clearly distinguish non-essential cookies from essential ones. Provide users with a clear explanation of the different types of non-essential cookies, such as analytics or advertising cookies, and their respective purposes.

Provide granular control

Allow users to choose which types of cookies they accept or reject. Offer options to enable or disable specific categories of cookies, such as essential, functional, analytical, and marketing cookies.

Ensure accessibility

Make the cookie consent mechanism easily visible and accessible on your website. Use a banner, pop-up, or overlay that users can interact with easily, without obstruction.

Clear information

Clearly explain the purpose of each cookie and the data it collects. Provide detailed information about cookie categories, their functionality, lifespan, and any third parties involved.

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